An Experience to Remember

The past ten (10) years can be considered the most meaningful moments in my life.  Thank you to the people of Kenya for giving me the unique opportunity to make a difference in their lives.  As I strive to change people’s lives, my life has also changed. My Camp Ohana experience gave meaning and purpose to everything I do.

Apart from the existing programs we are running at Camp ohana, last month we launched a different program that not only aims to help the children but also gives an opportunity to experience the wildlife and safari of Kenya.  “The Camp Ohana Service and Safari program — A Safari Adventure with a Purpose.” This ten (10) day service and safari program is an experience that should not be missed.

The first group of adventurers left last month and in the coming days, we will share with you the experience they had in their safari adventure.  

Join us in this one of a kind experience!

For those interested in this  safari adventure, fill out the form in the Contact Us page at or call us at 515-864-7002.

We only have 6 slots a month for every group so book now! See you on Safari

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