Not Just An Adventure

I am a regular visitor to Camp Ohana Village. However, over the past few months, ever since we kicked off the Camp Ohana Service and Safari program, my visit to Camp Ohana village has never been this fulfilling and joyful. Seeing and feeling the excitement in those who visit Camp Ohana Village makes a big difference. I am so elated that in my own small way, am able to share to the world Camp Ohana and pave the way for other people to make a difference in the world.

The impact of our Service and Safari program is profound. One of our first adventurers commented: “Hearing them sing from their hearts, looking into their faces, made my heart melt to the floor.” As the founder of this organization, I am touched and inspired to continue the transformation at Camp Ohana Village.

There is so much more we need to accomplish at Camp Ohana Village and in all humility, I cannot do it all on my own. My gratitude is beyond words for the support we have received these past 10 years. The service and safari program is our way of giving back for all your help and your way of extending more support for Camp Ohana Foundation.

The Camp Ohana Service and Safari program is definitely more than just the wilderness, the zebras and the elephants. It is how it touches the heart and transforms it to a heart of gratitude.

Join us in this adventure/experience. For more details visit: or call us 515-864-7002.

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