Kenya inspires Disney

Have you seen Disney’s The Lion King?  The 2019 version of the movie is the first of the remakes of their animated blockbuster classics, with real-life characters in it.

For someone who was born and grew up in Kenya, I am beaming with pride over this movie.   Wondering why? Our very own Aberdares Game Park was one of the major sources of inspiration for this movie.  Our stunning scenery and abundance of wildlife gave life to the movie.  

We are offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness where Simba, Mufasa and the other characters in the movie walked.  Join us in our Camp Ohana Service and Safari adventure.  

Visit Kenya, a land of vast Savannahs and a perfect place to heed Africa’s call to the wild.  Our service and safari adventure will not only give you up close and personal encounters with the wild, but it will also let you experience how it is to live an authentic Kenyan life.  See how Kenya’s extraordinary indigenous people go about with their day to day living.

Apart from these, the highlight of the safari adventure we offer is the visit to the Camp Ohana Village.  This is a life-changing experience where adventurers interact with the children at Camp Ohana village and participate in service projects.  There will be lots of singing and dancing and playing around with the children.

Kenya is a country globally renowned for its exceptional wildlife.  Have a taste of the wild and book a slot in our Camp Ohana Service and Safari Adventure.  

Drop us a call at 515-864-7002 or visit for more details.

See you on Safari! 

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