The Great Safari Adventure

In a few weeks from now, we shall be closing the year.  We will open new chapters and new adventures as we welcome a brand new year.  

As we look back on the milestones for the year 2019, one of the highlights was our Camp Ohana Service and Safari Adventure. The great safari adventure was an enormous hit.  Every month, a small group of people embarked on an African safari adventure and did not only enjoy a personal encounter with wild animals but got a chance to visit Camp Ohana Village and interact with the children.

Let us hear it from the people who made the life-changing decision of going on a safari adventure:

“Going to Africa was always a dream of mine. I did not know it would be such a life-changing event. Visiting Kenya with Camp Ohana was an experience that immersed me into the culture, the people and the wonderful landscapes and wildlife that this magical place has to offer. These memories will always be there to remind me of how beautiful the world is.”  – Jasmine

My trip to Camp Ohana Village and Campus was life-changing for me. I spent time with children who lived with so little, yet were joyful, playful and happy and thought nothing about giving away what little they had so that I felt welcome in their homes. I will treasure my Kenyan experience forever and will always carry the beautiful smiles of the Camp Ohana children close to my heart.“  -Melissa

The Camp Ohana Service and Safari adventure will continue running in 2020 and we encourage everyone to join us because it is truly a one of a kind great adventure.

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